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Franked Mail Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What services can I pay for using a franking machine?

    A mail franking machine puts postage at your fingertips. You’ll never have to worry about running out of postage stamps – or leaving the office to go to a Post Office™. You can use your franking machine to buy the following Royal Mail products:

    • Special Delivery™
    • First Class
    • Second Class
    • Standard Parcels
    • Airmail
    • Airsure®
    • International Signed For™
    • Surface Mail
    • Recorded Signed For™
    • Cleanmail®, Cleanmail® Plus
    • Mailsort® 1, 2
    • Parcelforce (Domestic and International services)
    • Volume Related Discounts through Cleanmail Advance
  • Is franking suitable for any size of business and can I frank any type of mail?

    Yes, franking is used by large corporate companies, government organisations, universities, local small and sole trader businesses and you can frank any type of mail except for contract mail. You can refer to our full list of products available for franking:

    • Recorded and Special Delivery services to UK destinations
    • International Signed For and Airsure services to most international destinations
    • One-off Customer Collections
    • Royal Mail Standard Parcels and Parcelforce ‘International Standard’ and ‘International Economy’ items.
  • Where do I get a franking machine and how do I choose one?

    Visit www.mailcoms.co.uk or call 01543 572 776

  • How much does franking cost?

    Royal Mail costs are the costs of postage, see mail franking prices. There will be manufacturer or supplier costs to rent, lease or buy a franking machine, and you will need to pay inspection and maintenance charges and buy consumables such as ink.

  • Are there any restrictions or conditions I should be aware of?

    Yes seven in particular:

    1. You must get a licence from us before using your franking machine.
    2. We can withdraw permission to use a franking machine for any contravention of the terms and conditions of use or if for any other reason we believe there to be illegal activity.
    3. It is a requirement of the license that you keep your franking machine in good working order, and have it inspected at least once a year by a company approved to carry out this work.
    4. You must tell Royal Mail, and your manufacturer or supplier if you change your address or replace your franking machine.
    5. Your machine’s impression must be legible, and must include the date of posting and the correct postage rate for the item’s weight and destination.
    6. You must present your mail in accordance with the terms & conditions of your Franking Machine Licence separating it into bundles by class, format and service. All addresses should face the same way. The impression printed by the machine must be legible, and must include date of posting and correct postage rate for the appropriate format.
    7. You may only use RED ink when using a franking machine and must be purchased from the supplier of the machine
  • Once I have sorted my mail, what next?

    We can supply you with pouches, trays or mail bags to help you with the correct presentation of your mail. Customer requests for any of these items should be referred to the Customer Operations Manager at your local Mail Centre. This includes requests for initial supplies and subsequent and replacement pouch orders.

  • Can you collect my franked mail from me, if not are there special posting times?

    You should post your franked mail as early as possible on the day of franking – and no later than the latest local posting times. You can have a Customer Collections service, however it may cost extra.

  • Where and how can I post franked mail?

    At your local Post Office or sorting office, or in a Business postbox for franked mail, if you post in any other box your mail may be delayed.
    You’ll need to use special late-posting envelopes, available from your franking machine supplier. The exception to this is Low Volume franking machines where customers place their mail in outer envelopes (low volume posting envelopes) and place these in any postbox. Your manufacturer will be able to advise you if your machine qualifies for this type of posting access.

  • Do franking machines do anything else useful?

    Some have electronic scales, automatic letter feed, sealing and stacking. Your machine supplier can advise you. Alongside the franked impression, you can also print a short advertising message, your logo or a return address.